One to One Training

One to One Training

Dogs and puppies benefit from one to one training as it focuses on giving you support so that you can develop the communication between you and your pet. This will help your dog understand what you are asking of them and therefore they are more likely to offer you more desirable behaviours.

These one to one training sessions are individually tailored to the needs of you and your dog. Sessions can take place in your home or in another environment dependent upon your pet’s training needs. It is important to start any training in a relaxed and quiet environment where both you and your dog can learn and focus best.

In the first session we will discuss your goals, start to formulate a training plan, and begin training. The training plan will be adapted as you progress over the following additional sessions, for example, becoming more challenging by moving to different environments, or adding in more distractions. I may also ask you to see your vet if I feel there may be a physical or medical issue affecting your pet’s ability to train.

Further sessions are advised to help support your progress and develop the training plan. Follow-up support is provided to offer help and encouragement throughout the training process, with the option to have additional sessions when required. We offer blocks of two or four 1 hour sessions at discounted rates (one 1 hour follow-up session is included in the initial consultation training package).

These training sessions can include but are not limited to:

  • Carrier/Crate training
  • Loose lead walking
  • Recall
  • Focus and attention
  • Calm behaviours – settle, stop jumping up, over-excitement
  • “Stay”
  • “Leave it”
  • “Drop”
  • Muzzles, harnesses, leads, collars etc.
  • Handling
  • Grooming
  • Veterinary treatments

If you are unsure whether one to one training is suitable for your pet, please contact us so we can discuss your needs further.

Recommended For

One to one training plans are individually tailored and are suitable for general training with dogs and puppies.

Those where a class environment may be too overwhelming for them.

Or if you wish to start training before your puppy is vaccinated.

Do I need a vet referral?

Veterinary referral is not required for one to one training.

However, should it become apparent that your pet’s behaviour is more complex, then you will need a veterinary referral and to book in for a behaviour consultation.

Not Suitable For

These sessions are not suitable for pets with behaviours such as aggression and fear or anxiety as these are more complex and will need additional support. Please see the behaviour consultation page for more information.

If you are unsure, please contact us so we can discuss your needs further.

Additional Sessions

Most training will require additional sessions and for the best chance of success, all members of the family will need to be committed and involved in practising the training plan.

We offer blocks of two or four 1 hour sessions at discounted rates.


Initial 1 hour training consultation including 1 hour follow up session: £100  £90

          Additional Sessions
1 additional 1 hour session: £50  £45
2 additional 1 hour sessions: £90  £80
4 additional 1 hour sessions: £175  £155 

Travel: 45p per mile

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
09:00 to 16:30

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
09:00 to 16:30